The Confidential Committee – Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse



18 January, 2005



The Confidential Committee of the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse, chaired by Ms Norah Gibbons and established on a statutory basis in 2000, today heard evidence from its 1,000th witness. There are now only approximately 100 witnesses waiting to give evidence to this committee.


The Committee is one of two operating in the Commission. The other is the Investigation Committee, chaired by Mr Justice Sean Ryan, Chairperson of the Commission. The functions of the Confidential Committee are set out in section 15 of the “Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse Act 2000” and consist , primarily, of hearing evidence, otherwise than in public, from witnesses who have indicated to the Commission that they wish to recount details of abuse suffered in childhood, but don’t wish to have the abuse inquired into by the Investigation Committee.


The Investigation Committee’s proposed work programme for 2005 has now been posted to the Commission’s website. Work for that committee continues apace, with private hearings currently being conducted in relation to Our Lady of Succour Industrial School, Newtownforbes, Co. Longford.


The Confidential Committee will continue to hear evidence in the coming months from its remaining witnesses, after which it will prepare its report and present it to the Commission.


The Confidential Committee wishes to thank, once again, all those who have given their evidence to the Committee.






- End -