The Investigation Committee

The Investigation Committee heard evidence from witnesses who wished to have their allegations of abuse inquired into. Consequently, the Committee also heard from respondents – individuals, Religious Orders and others – at both public and private hearings. Most hearings were held in private. The Committee had the power to compel attendance at hearings and to have persons produce any documents required by the Committee. All parties had entitlement to legal representation and to cross examine.

The Committee’s function was to inquire into allegations of abuse in institutions, during the relevant period and to determine the nature, causes, circumstances and extent of such abuse, the extent to which the institutions themselves, the systems of management, administration, supervision and regulation contributed to the occurrence of abuse and the manner in which those functions (of management, administration, supervision and regulation) were performed by the persons or bodies in whom they vested . Finally, the Committee was required to report its findings, in writing, to the Commission

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Interim Reports

As required by section 5 of the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse Act, 2000, the Commission published its First Interim Report on 22nd of May, 2001.

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The Second Interim Report of the Commission was published on 30th November, 2001.

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The Third Interim Report of the Commission was published on 30th January, 2004.

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