Investigation Commitee Framework Document

Final Ruling of the Investigation Committee dated 18 October 2002.

In its Final Ruling on the above matter, the Investigation Committee indicated that it proposed to publish by 31st October 2002 a Framework Document setting out the procedures that it proposes to adopt in the future.

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The Framework Document was published, 8 November 2002.

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Interim Reports

As required by section 5 of the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse Act, 2000, the Commission published its First Interim Report on 22nd of May, 2001.

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The Second Interim Report of the Commission was published on 30th November, 2001.

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The Third Interim Report of the Commission was published on 30th January, 2004.

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Opening Statements

Opening Statement of the Investigation Committee

The Chairperson of the Investigation Committee, Mr. Justice Sean Ryan, today gave an Opening Statement and published a Position Paper of the Committee.

Copies of the Position Paper, Mr. Justice Ryan’s Statement and a Statement on behalf of the Committee’s Legal Team can be downloaded here.

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