13 July 2011 Settlement of 3rd Party Legal Representation Costs

The Commission wishes to notify all parties who may be entitled to legal representation costs, for matters which were the subject of inquiry by its Investigation Committee, that the deadline for submission of fees, from their legal representatives, is Friday, 28 October, 2011.

After this time, no costs will be considered or processed by the Commission, which is the statutory body with sole authority in these matters.

The Commission has taken this decision in order to facilitate the timely completion of its work and so it can plan, accordingly, for adequate resources to meet any outstanding liabilities. The Costs Team will write this week to all solicitors on record with it, if costs have not yet been settled, to advise of this decision.

The Commission published its report in May 2009 and before and since then, has settled legal costs as it went along. As such, ample time has been allowed to all parties to formulate their reasonable costs.